Magnetic Car WindShield Cover

Magnetic Car WindShield Cover


Our windshield cover prevents frost/snow/ ice build-up on the windscreen in the winter, reduces the time scraping and brushing off ice/ snow in the morning, and provides you with a clear car front window, also in the summertime prevents your car heating up before you getting in.

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  • HEAVY DUTY & FOUR LAYERS: Our Keplin car windshield cover is made of 4 layers - Aluminum Foil, Spunlaced Cotton, Composite Cotton, Soft Non-Woven Lining. It is super thick and heavy duty to keep the windshield absolutely clean and helps to block the unnecessary leaves and debris from falling onto your car.
  • SUMMER & WINTER PROTECTION: The Keplin windscreen cover is ideal for both summer and winter seasons. From keeping the temperature cool in summer to preventing the build up of ice and frost in winter, using this windscreen cover will never go out of fashion!
  • EASY TO INSTALL: You do not require any tools for this quick and easy installation - just ensure that the cover is attached to your car with the silver side facing up.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This is not just a windscreen cover but can have many alternative uses! Whether you use it as a table mat or a pet pad, you will find a range of uses for this product to suit your needs.

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