Tri-Fold LED Makeup Mirror -3 Colours!

Tri-Fold LED Makeup Mirror -3 Colours!

Carry a bit of glamour with you everywhere with today\'s stunning deal...

Keep on top of looking fabulous with a tri-fold mirror.

With built-in LED lights so you're ready to apply whenever!

Portable; the perfect travel companion.

Select from three colours: pink, black or white.

Three-pane design makes it easy to cover all angles.

A great way to stay on top of your look.

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Be ready to apply your makeup at any time with this amazing tri-fold mirror. There's more to this mirror than meets the eye, as the portable, foldable design features LED lights, allowing you to clearly see what you're doing, be it on the train, in the office, wherever! When fully opened up, the three panes allow you to view your fabulous face from different angles, helping you make sure that you look fierce and ready to take on the world! Not only that, but there are also three different colours to choose from. We do spoil you don't we?

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