KEPLIN Pet Cooling Mats

KEPLIN Pet Cooling Mats

The cool gel pad helps to relieve the symptoms of overheating. This includes temperatures caused by flu and fevers, but also hot flushes as a result of menopause. Helps relieve the symptoms of people with restless leg syndrome, acne, eczema, migraine, sunburn, as well as for those who are simply just to warm naturally!

Small - 30cm x 40cm
Medium - 40cm x 50cm
Large - 50cm x 65cm
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Helps to relieve the symptoms of overheating Pressure relief better support and a cooler night’s sleep... Ideal for flu and fevers 100% Safe and clean Environmental friendly These cool pads have multi uses: Pillow Yoga mat Pet cushion Car seat cushion Laptop cushion A new high tech way to keep cool in your everyday lives. These medical grade cotton pads are filled with a harmless gel that delivers a cooling effect when in contact with your body. Helpful for many ailments. Good for headaches, sunburn, hot feet, hot flushes or just to cool down. Also suitable to combat high temperatures or increased body heat due to medication. Great new item from Health and Care.

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