Large Pet Cooling Water Bowl

Large Pet Cooling Water Bowl

Serves Water Fresh & Cold

Your pets love drinking nice & cold water from their drinking bowl.

Many times they will not drink water if it is not fresh or cold enough,

The freezer bowl is the perfect solution to provide cold water and maintain the cold temperature for hours.

Simply freeze the core in the freezer for two hours, then replace back in the base and fill it with water.

The water in the dish will stay cold for up to 8hours, Your pet will be happy and always have a nice cold drink.
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Keeps water fresh & cold for hours long. Freeze core for 2hours,serves fresh & cold. Keeps water cold for up to 8hours, holds 16 ounces (2cups) of water. Approximately freezer core 17x17xx6cm and bowl size 23.5x23.5x6cm

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