Magic Expanding Hose with 8-Mode Spray Gun

Magic Expanding Hose with 8-Mode Spray Gun


8 different functions available

New double core technology allows it to last longer

Stronger and long lasting than other hoses in the market

Double layer latex inner tube – No leaks or no explosions

With extra strong ABS connector

Smooth flow

-100ft Hose
-Metal Hose Holder
-ABS Fitting

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Expandable hose pipe Super strong and durable yet ultra-lightweight With 8 functions available Automatically expands up to about 3 times its original length when water is turned on Automatically contracts back in seconds when water is turned off Made from high pressure-resistance durable You'll be truly amazed at how much easier it makes your work around the house and yard. The entire hose can be held in the palms of your hands making it incredibly easy to store. The universal connector simply attaches to your garden tap. Ideal for gardens, patios and cars The hose comes supplied complete with a handy nozzle featuring 7 different modes (Shower, Flat, Cone, Centre, Full, Mist and Jet)

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