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Desiretech Desktop Tablet Stand


  • Brilliant Construction – Built with the toughest of aluminium alloys, this stand will remain cool during use, is smooth to the touch, highly stylish, lightweight and high portable! This all comes with absolutely no sacrifice to durability as this will last you years upon years

  • Highly Compatible – This stand works brilliantly with all 5-12” tablets, including the latest models of iPad/Pro/Air/Mini, Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy, and most other tablet and large phone models. For any device large than 12” the stand works ideally in placing the device horizontally

  • Stylish Stand – This is a beautiful accessory that will not look out of place on any desk/table surface around your home or office. Made to match the popular designs used for these tablet devices, your stand will naturally match your tablet and give you the ideal holder for working, design, Facetime video call and even relax and watch a film

  • Use Securely – This provides a stable dock for your devices by employing safety features to ensure this. With the bottom hooks and low centre of gravity this is designed with, tablets and phones should sit in place and not move significantly. Rubber padding cushions on the hooks and base also ensure this by adding friction

  • Adjustable Angles – This stand allows you to manipulate the ideal angle for you to be able to view and use your tablet optimally. Allowing for a great degree of rotation so you can be in control of your experience, we’ve designed this for maximum comfort

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