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5cm Deep 100% Goose Feather Mattress Topper

Luxury 5cm Goose Feather & Down Topper

Supersize your comfort by slapping one of these onto your mattress.

Our Ultimate 5cm Extra Thick Goose Feather Topper is crammed with squishy goose feather for a sumptuous finish.

This one’s got it all! A firm bed of feather layer – the topper that makes anything comfy.

85% goose feather, 15% down all in a 233TC casing

How does it make you feel?

Slap this baby on the floor, and you could sleep there - and never know. Squishy and thick, this top-notch topper can transform ANY mattress in a jiffy. (It's especially dreamy if you're pregnant: try one to vastly improve your night-time comfort.

Every single natural topper that we sell is made by us and exclusively available here. We commission and check everything before sending it out to you - so we can be sure that all our natural toppers are just right. They're all filled with beautifully cleaned feather or down, stitched in cassette construction - to make sure they stay smooth and even - and finished with a down proof case.

Why choose the Ultimate Goose topper?

We've made this goose feather topper with a layer of supportive goose feather. The result: a topper that you\\\'ll sink into - with secret support!

Please note the topper is 5cm Depth. The item may appear thinner, however, this is due to the feathers attached together. Simply give the topper a good shakedown so the feathers are unseparated, and it will rise to its full 5cm thickness.
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