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KAYMAN Stand Up Paddle Board | SUP


  • COMPLETE SET – Our brilliant Kayman Paddling Board set is a professional collection to allow the safe use of your inflatable stand up paddle board (SUP). We supply you an attractive package including paddling kayak oar; double action air pump; backpack carry bag; detachable fin; 10ft stretch safety leash and even a repair kit!

  • 10FT PADDLEBOARD – A lightweight inflatable SUP board measuring at 10ft long and only weighing 10KG, making it easy to carry and fast when riding the waves. The sturdy drop-stitch material provides rigidity allowing you to test choppier waters with stability, with the textured, outer surface also enhancing your comfort. Great for beginner and experienced surfers.

  • MULTI-USE – Supplying you the versatility and performance you will need no matter what you will be doing. From just cruising with the kids, to possible races or river runs, the Kayman SUP will be the perfect purchase for all your paddling needs. Quickly inflate with the pump and get paddling anywhere you want to with ease!

  • WATER-TIGHT – Made with ultra-tight, glued and stitch sealed seams so as to prevent any possible water seeping through, our paddle boards are wonderfully tough and resistant to wear. The max bearing capacity of 200KG makes use of this, allowing you and others to travel, alongside whatever gear you may need. These will provide you years of fun!

  • SAFETY ASSURED – Designed to ensure you are safe and secure, from the durable materials to the fantastic extendable safety leash for your ankles, you can be relaxed even if you fall into the water! Always feel confident in your paddling adventures when you buy Kayman

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